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When it comes to installing an electric cooker, Ideal Electricians. has you covered!

Electric cookers have been becoming increasingly popular lately as many new builds do not have a gas supply and an electric cooker is cheaper to run than it’s gas-powered counterpart. We’ve been helping people with their needs for years and will be happy to answer all of those questions about how much cost or what kind of installation process is best suited for your home’s unique situation – don’t worry; our team knows every detail because they’ve done this before (and really well too).

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Why Choose an electric cooker?

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Why choose a gas stove when you can have both the convenience and energy efficiency of anelectric cooker? The truth is, there’s no reason at all why anyone should ever opt for something other than just these two features alone!

Not only will they save money on fuel costs over time but also make sure that everything gets cooked evenly by applying heat more uniformly– which means better tasting food every single mealtime.

What are the Different Types of Electric Cookers?

The different types of electric cookers include the coil-based, which you would find on most ranges; the smooth top that does not have removable plates, and the Induction cooker that heats the pan directly using magnetic induction. If it’s durability or ease of installation with your needs at heart then Ideal Electricians can help!

Electric Coil Cooktop

The electric coil cooktop is a type of stove that can be mistaken for gas due to its appearance. However, they function differently and have different powering techniques: one burns electricity while the other uses natural gas.

This type of cooker consists of a solid metal heating element using electricity to heat up the pan. This is typically the cheapest type of electric cooker.

Electric Smooth Top Cookers

There are a few different types of electric cookers, but the one that stands out as popular among consumers is the smooth top. This type has glass or ceramic tops and, though generally more expensive than the electric coil cooktop, can typically be found at lower prices than gas stoves! One reason for its popularity may be how easy they clean up. All you need is a couple paper towels, and because of the glass top, can be wiped relatively easily with no need to lift the individual hob when cleaning. This makes them a quick clean, so there is no need to spend excessive time cleaning your cooker after cooking.


Induction Electric Cooker

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Induction cooker is most efficient electric cooker. Due to their appearance, they can be mistaken for the electric smooth top cooker, but the way they function is fundamentally different. The induction electric cooker only produces heat when the pot is on the hob, and only the pot gets heated. This is because it uses electromagnetic induction, and specially designed pots are used that have a ferromagnetic base. This means that the electromagnetic waves are received by the base of the pan and then the base of the pan itself is heated. Therefore, even if you put your hand on the surface of the cooker, because your hand is not ferromagnetic, it will not be heated. That being said, if you have just heated something on that hob, the surface of the hob may still be hot from the heat of the pan that was previously on it, so please still be just as careful as you would be when using the other types of electric cooker.Because of their efficiency in only heating the pan, less energy is lost to the surroundings and therefore these cookers, while being the more expensive than the other 3 types of electric cooker, are the cheapest to run and use the least electricity,

How to Install an Electric Cooker?

With us, installing an electric cooker is easy! First, our technicians will remove your existing cooking appliance and inspect the wiring to ensure it can be used with a new one. If so—you’re all set up for installation from there on out; if not-we‘ll replace those pesky wires before getting started installing your new appliance instead of just going ahead without proper connections the first time around like some other companies might do (and who knows what could happen then?).

Once this has been completed, it’s time to install!

We test the independent electric circuit to ensure that everything is running smoothly. If there are any other issues, we will let you know and work from there. If everything is fine, we will proceed with the install.

Your brand-new electric cooker will be good to go! We make sure that your cooker operates perfectly before we leave, so you avoid running into issues when making dinner. You can relax, knowing that our team left your property in top shape and the installation was both cost-effective and safe.

Ideal Electricians is a reputable and well-established business that provides top-notch services to its clients. You can trust us with any job, big or small, from installing new wiring for your home’s entertainment system to a complete rewire! We’re committed to providing excellent workmanship and delivering quick turnaround times, so you don’t have long wait periods between projects.

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We serve the whole of London, if you have an electric cooker that needs replacement call us today and we can begin installation of your electric cooker in as little as a couple of hours!

A faulty electric cooker can be more dangerous than you may believe. This is because you are dealing with high wattage current so ifthere are any faults, you can end up with a painful electric shock if your lucky or, if your unlucky, severe injury or it could possibly even be fatal.

We are here to offer their very best & dedicated customer service to provide the peace of mind that any electrical work undertaken will be completed with the highest quality service by fully trained and certified electricians.

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