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24 Hour Emergency Electricians in Canary Wharf

Sometimes, the electricity simply decides not to work. Here at ideal electricians, we understand that. Problems with your electrics can be irritating, and we get that you’ll want to get back up and running as soon as possible. That’s why we offer same-day service and often respond to callouts within 60 minutes! Calling an electrician can be daunting, but if you’re looking for an emergency electrician in canary wharf, our friendly electrical engineers will strive to cater to your every electrical need. Call us today, for your friendly and reliable local electrician!

Video Call Troubleshooting in Canary Wharf

Numerous things can go wrong with your electrical fixtures and appliances. Imagine calling an electrician because you have an electrical fault that is leaving you without power, only to find it is a minor fault that can easily be fixed and that you could have done yourself with ease. This is where our team of electrical experts come in. We offer video call troubleshooting, so minor problems can be fixed without having an electrician come by, which can save you both time and money. It also means that you’re only paying for an electrician if you really need one, and if you do, we can send an electrician to you as soon as possible after the call.


Fuse box replacement in Canary Wharf

Your fuse box is one of the main electrical components of your property and protects you from the dangers of an electric shock, and therefore it must do its job correctly. However, sometimes things can go wrong with your fuse-box, possibly jeopardising the safety of you and your family or business. In this case, one of our qualified electricians will happily come down and diagnose what exactly is going on with your fuse box before repairing or even replacing it entirely if necessary.

Repairs to Electrical Wiring in Canary Wharf

Electrical wiring problems in homes and businesses become more apparent over time as years pass by, slowly wearing out plugs, switches, sockets and wires themselves due to wear and tear. The insulation in your wires gets worn out as electricity passes through the wire, wearing away at the insulation, and eventually the cables may short circuit and possibly trip the breaker. Our team of professional electricians in Canary Wharf can make your home or business a lot safer by repairing or replacing where necessary any damaged electrical wiring.

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PAT Testing Service in in Canary Wharf

Pat testing is not a legal requirement, however the law states that employers and Landlords must make sure that electrical appliances are maintained and kept in a safe condition to mitigate danger.One good way to make sure that appliances are safe, is through PAT Testing. Ideal Electricians offers PAT testing services all year round, meaning you will never have any issues when it comes to maintaining electrical safety when hiring new staff members or letting out your office space over the holidays.

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Electrical Installation Service in in Canary Wharf

Whether you are having a new extension built, a new building erected in Canary Wharf or simply remodelling an existing room, our team of electricians can help with all aspects of the electrical installation process from beginning to end, including sockets and light fittings. Our commercial and domestic services in Canary Wharf offer competitive rates and professional service on all our services, which you can enquire about today by calling our office.

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